Meal Planning Mondays

Hi guys!

Remember last week when I said I was fighting a cold? Apparently that was just my body telling me to get ready for the real fun that was coming. Life around here has basically just been sleeping all day and mega sinus pressure, so I’ll just share the planned menu for this week and go back to doing nothing.

Meal Plan for Nov. 10th-16th

Monday: Chicken Pho from Ba Chi Canteen

Tuesday: Leftover Beef Tacos

Wednesday: Chickpea Curry* over White Rice

Thursday (W): Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Friday (W): Date Night!

Saturday (G): Moroccan Chicken Stew

Sunday (W): Leftover Moroccan Chicken Stew


G: Grocery trip

W: Work day

*: Recipe coming soon!

And here is Dakota, enjoying a very soft blanket

IMG_2300Have a wonderful week!



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