Meal Planning Mondays

Hi friends! So this title is basically just a joke now, because I’m posting this on a Thursday. But the food content is still good! I had a busy work week, and am now enjoying an amazing four days off. I’m awake during the daytime right now….how crazy is that!?

Here’s what we’ve been eating this week! The big pot of stew I made lasted for daaaays. Good thing it was delicious!

Meal Plan for Dec. 8th-14th

Monday (W): Leftover Beef & Barley Stew

Tuesday (W): Leftover Beef & Barley Stew

Wednesday: Sandwiches

Thursday: Mexican Quinoa Casserole

Friday: Date Night!

Saturday (G): Bean Soup*

Sunday (W): Leftover Mexican Quinoa Casserole


G: Grocery trip

W: Work night

*: Recipe coming soon!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful December! Christmas fast approaches! (:

Here's Dakota, working on her "vanishing legs" act

Here’s Dakota, working on her “vanishing legs” act


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