Salsa Chicken


Hi friends!

I have the easiest (and ugliest) chicken recipe for you today. Seriously, there is no way to photograph  this and make it look appetizing, but I promise you it is delicious! Continue reading

Vegetarian Chickpea Curry


Happy weekend, friends!

I am REALLY excited to share this curry recipe with you today. I have been on the hunt for an easy & satisfying curry for awhile now. I’ve tried several recipes that were good….but not great. But after playing around and testing different spice ratios and ingredients, I’ve discovered a go-to recipe that satisfies my curry needs. It has just the right amount of warmth for my tastebuds, while not being overpowering to where they only thing you taste is heat. I’m a big fan!

Continue reading

Teriyaki, Garlic, & Sriracha Chicken

Hi friends!

Finally getting a recipe posted. The Husband and I are both fighting colds, which basically makes me want to sleep all day. But I finally made myself cook again, and it felt great! Plus, the sriracha was an excellent way to clear my sinuses. (; This quick chicken is a perfect week night meal. Or, make it and pack it up as lunch for the week! Either way, I think you’ll like it! Continue reading

Teriyaki Tilapia with Sriracha Mayo


Hello and happy Saturday! I have a flavorful and easy seafood recipe to share with y’all. It seriously could not be easier and could definitely be adapted to other types of fish. I’m already excited to try it with mahi mahi!

First thing you’ll want to do is give your tilapia fillets a quick marinade in some teriyaki sauce. I used store bought, but if you’re totally awesome and have the time, feel free to make your own. (I forgot to take a picture of this step, whoops!)

After 1-3 hours, remove the fillets and bake them for about Continue reading