Chickpea Lunch Wrap

IMG_3502 Hi friends! Hope everyone is having a good week. I had promised to share my favorite way to enjoy the chickpea salad I posted, so here it is! Continue reading


Salad Sundays


Hello blogging world! First post, yeah! And it’s not even a real recipe, which is totally lame. But it’s still an idea worth sharing. (:

I have always had a problem figuring out what to eat for lunch. When cooking for myself, I would often turn to leftovers from dinner the day before. But now, I have this thing called a Husband, which I’ve decided is code for “eats all the food”. This has resulted in very few dinners leftover. And while it is oh so tempting to walk down our street and choose from all of the delicious options for lunch, doing this all the time is neither healthy or financially possible for us right now. So I’ve had to start planning ahead. Which brings us to Salad Sundays!  Continue reading